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Our Farm

Founded in 2023, the Tenmile Farm sits on just under 120 acres in the Dover Plains region of upstate New York. Our fields have over 20 acres in production and another 60 acres in cover crop. We are very proud of our commitment to regenerative farming practices and of our prime agriculture soils that support a wide diversity of crops from sweet potatoes to berries to herbs and tree fruit.

Our 6,500 square foot layer barn was designed to maximize both productivity and animal welfare. Our 2,100 free range hens freely move indoors and outdoors, receive organic certified feed and produce more than 160 dozen eggs every day.

From our state-of-the-art propagation house to our four high tunnels, we strive to grow the largest diversity of fruits and vegetables with a commitment to supplying our partners with fresh produce throughout the year. Virtually all plants on the farm start out life at in our 1,800 square foot propagation house where they are seeded, germinated and spend the first 4-6 weeks of life living in an environment where every aspect of production is controlled including temperature, humidity, fertility and light exposure. The four high tunnels on the farm provide over 11,500 square feet of indoor growing space, allowing us to begin growing sooner and extend the season later, enabling us to increase yields and grow more delicate crops like tomatoes and cucumbers that are susceptible to insects and inclement weather.

Environmental Conservation at Tenmile

Tenmile has developed and implemented a comprehensive conservation plan based on the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service’s Best Management Practices. The farm’s conservation plan improves soil health, protects water quality, reduces water use, improves energy efficiency, protects and enhances natural habitats, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, sequesters atmospheric carbon and improves agricultural production.