Our Story

We started the Tenmile Farm Foundation because we believe food is at the foundation of human health and well-being. Hunger continues to be a growing problem in communities across the United States, and unfortunately, the organizations working to end food insecurity in our country do not have the resources they need to take care of the most vulnerable among us.

While incredibly important, the donation-based system that supplies much of the food distributed to the hungry, does not, by itself, ensure that food access programs have consistent access to the type and quantity of food required to feed the populations they serve. The ability to control and predict supply and custom order the food needed to prepare balanced meals is essential to meeting their operational goals.

The gaps in the donation-based food supply model make these organizations’ already hard job harder, at times resulting in fewer people being fed, and, ironically, more food going to waste.

2023 Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

We believe that every organization tackling food insecurity should have access to the food supply and operational support required to reliably and consistently feed their community with dignity. Our nonprofit works collaboratively with food access programs, empowering them to feed more people better.

Our vision for a new food supply and funding model helps food access programs operate more community-focused, efficient kitchens and pantries that feed more people better by complementing food donation with targeted supply. We offer our partner organizations strategic guidance and operational support, direct food supply via our 120-acre farm in Upstate New York and access to other complementary organizations, all to help them better meet their individual missions and the unique needs of the people they serve. 

In just our first year, we have partnered with over 10 food access programs in the region and donated over 150,000 pounds of fresh fruit, vegetables and protein from our farm to help feed people in need.